Tracking children on social media

UNION CO. — Experts Teach  parents to take greater precautions when allowing their children to use social networking.

Like many parents, Josh Ditto keeps a close watch on his or her son, who is already with a tablet computer.

“He’s been using it since he can hold things with his hands,” Ditto said.

“It’s certainly worthwhile for parents to keep an eye on their children’s devices,” Ditto said. “We are living in a technology driven world. I don’t think a child ought to be hooked on those devices but they need to be knowledgeable of these.”

One suggestion he utilizes is enabling his son to see videos on an app just for kids.

“Lots of individuals aren’t conscious that there’s actually a special YouTube app for kids, it’s only called YouTube Kids,” Ditto said.

His son  joins many others, like 8-year-old Addison Pinnon in Union County, in utilizing mobile devices at an early age. On her tablet besides reading and games, Addison uses the Snapchat app to keep in touch with family.

“Occasionally whenever I wish to see someone and I can not, I can just speak to them,” Addison said.  

They’ve got some rules set up while her parents allow her to access Snapchat.  

“She cant add anybody or allow anybody add her without revealing us,” said   Addison’s father, John Pinnon.   “We just let her own her daddy, her mother, her aunts and uncles.”

They also limit how much time she can spend on her tablet, which can be put on kids manner.   That’s together with placing limitations a strategy Ditto encourages.

“These devices, I suggest I pull out my telephone, I can access anywhere on the planet, any site in the world,” Ditto said.

While most operating systems have limitations, Ditto encourages families to research third party resources, like monitoring apps and hardware options.

“I think it’s important for parents to think about it one way or another, filtering their youngster’s device until the child is old enough to understand the distinction of what’s legitimate and what’s not,” Ditto said.  

It may even assist parents sleep at night time.

“This makes me feel quite good about it I imagine, a great deal less of a prospect of something occurring,” John stated.