The Way Palm Beach Tech Association Automates Social Media Marketing

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Starting a business can be a lonely journey. To link self-starters with community and resources, a set of entrepreneurs based the Palm Beach Tech Association. They offer collaborative workspaces, industry meetups, occupations boards, an awards dinner and much more to create networks and foster community. In the period of a couple of years, the association turned into one of the most significant production associations in Florida.

Their assignment to combine and develop the technology industries throughout Palm Beach County signifies the association became a heart for the neighborhood. Everyone from corporate CEOs to freelancers has united the association, leading knowledge and experience.

The nonprofit association’s core projects include creating an educational catalyst for local technology businesses to hire out of, drawing businesses to the region by building up the area’s brand, and also acting as a portion of their county’s technology industry to government and business leaders.

Palm Beach Tech

One of their initiatives offers a regional livelihood board for freelancer, part-time, and fulltime positions. With chances posted during the year, the Palm Beach Tech Association conveys the chances in every way possible.

Embracing the idea of media, the association shares content to its own social networking channels where members can share and spread the word on chances. For quite a while, this is a tedious procedure, with staff or volunteers manually updating Palm Beach Tech Association’s numerous social networks.

“Social networking was very hands-on, all managed by employees, interns, and volunteers. We can perform literally eight things with a single click, saving time and energy.” Joe Russo, Executive Director, Palm Beach Tech Association

With program automation instrument Zapier, the association consolidates its social media publishing campaigns. Whenever someone wants a new job opportunity to the livelihood board, Zapier mechanically pushes an update to the Palm Beach Tech Association’s social networking channels: Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, in addition to their director’s personal social media. All this happens in a minute thanks to their own Zaps–a bridge between at least two apps.

Community building and social media can be rough–especially for non-profit companies who operate lean or rely upon volunteers to handle accounts. Allow Zapier help you automate your publishing procedure using these Zaps:

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All images courtesy of Palm Beach Tech Association.