” Social Networking is ‘killing children’

The harms of social websites are becoming increasingly more evident, particularly for our young men and women.

The government has declared kids as young as four could get cyber safety training from police amid worries some are currently creating sexually explicit material.

Prince William has spoken against online trolls stating “we have reached a moment of imagining”.

Alan and Associate Editor of the Caroline Overington speak about the destruction of our kids caused by the world that is Internet.

“We’re the first generation to allow our kids access, specifically to smartphones that have social media on them, and we all did this because we did not know how awful it was likely to be.

“We thought let’s give them a telephone and we’ll know where they are, so we’ll have the ability to monitor them, we’ll feel safe.

“What occurred instead is it’s now in their pocket each day, when they walk into the bus, when they get into the school gates, even when they go to bed at night, even when they wake up in the daytime.

“These unlimited upgrades telling them you are too fat, you are ugly you’ve got some friends, you don’t belong in this world.

“It triggers depression, we know this, and depression is a potentially deadly illness.

“It’s killing kids since they don’t have the¬†¬†psychological reserve that adults need to consider this type of thing and think that it’s not significant, I’m important to my family.”

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