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By Daily Mail Australia

Drivers can be fined up to $344 and slapped with three demerit points for fixing stickers to their rear window or hanging fluffy dice from their rear-view mirror.

The obscure and draconian road rule bans any trinket that could obscure the driver’s view and potentially cause an accident.

Police and road safety groups from all but one Australian state confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that such items could constitute a traffic offence. And that they are now on the look out for these ‘driver distraction’ offences.  

Drivers can be fined up to $344 and slapped with three demerit points for hanging air fresheners or fluffy dice from their rear-view mirror

Such items – also including air fresheners, flags, toys, and so on – are not strictly forbidden from cars but could attract a fine if police consider them obstructions.

Placing a GPS anywhere but the lower right or lower centre of the windscreen could also attract a fine for similar reasons. 

South Australian Police’s traffic commander, Superintendent Bob Gray, said his officers were specifically targeting driver distraction.

‘Mobile phones, GPS devices and other technology or items in the car can be a major distraction for drivers and divert their attention from the task at hand,’ he said.

‘When mounting your GPS display or adding any decorative items, like fluffy dice or stickers, consider whether it will obscure your vision. It is important that drivers have a clear view of the road, to the front, back and sides, at all times.’

Motorists driving without having clear view face a $193 fine plus a $60 contribution to the victims of crime levy.

Items including stickers, flags, toys, and so on are not strictly forbidden from cars but could attract a fine if police consider them obstructions 

 The latest obscure road rule to be unearthed bans any trinket that could obscure the driver’s view being placed in front of the windscreen

Western Australian Road Safety Commission said items stuck to any of the vehicle’s windows or placed inside that may cause an interrupted or distracted view for the driver could attract a fine. 

Examples included ‘a mascot, toy or similar article’ attached to the windshield, any other window, or in the interior that was likely to obstruct or distract the driver. 

The penalty is a $100 fine and one demerit point.


NSW: $344 fine, three demerit points

Victoria: $248 fine

Queensland: $311 fine but police don’t consider them obstructions

WA: $100 fine, one demerit point 

SA: $253 fine 

Victorian Police said attaching things to the mirror or elsewhere could attract a fine of $248. 

‘The offence in relation to things hanging from the mirror here in Victoria is fail to have [an] uninterrupted view,’ it said.

The rule was similar in NSW where the penalty is $344 and three demerit points.

‘If the item is positioned in the way that the driver can’t see other cars, it is an offence,’ NSW police said.

Road safety groups issued similar warnings and advised drivers to be careful about what was inside their cars to avoid being stung with a fine.

‘The Victorian road rules require a driver to have a clear view of the road, and traffic, ahead, behind and to each side,’ RACV senior engineer Emily McLean said.

‘This means a GPS should be secured out of the central area of the windscreen, so it doesn’t block your vision. 

‘The same rules apply to anything hanging from your mirror, such as fluffy dice. If they are likely to obscure your view of the road, RACV says they are best avoided.’

The NRMA advised NSW drivers to ‘use a bit of common sense’ when setting up bling inside their cars. 

‘The most important thing is to have a clear view of the road at all times,’ it said.

‘It’s never a good idea to stick or hang anything on the windscreen that will obscure your view. The penalty sits at $337 and three demerit points.’

‘It’s not just cars we’re looking out for on the road, it could be a young child or a dog which may be hard to see.’

RACQ said if ‘something like a GPS, fluffy dice or an air freshener’ was interfering with a driver’s view of the road they could face a fine of up to $311.

‘When it comes to using a GPS we recommend placing it low and out of the way, in the right hand bottom corner of your windscreen,’ it said.

However, in contrast to other states, Queensland Police said its officers wouldn’t be fining anyone for this because it was unlikely to cause a crash.

‘It’s not something Queensland Police are penalising drivers for. It would have to be one mega-sized air freshener to cause a crash,’ it said.