Moving Scientific Equipment

Relocating laboratory equipment can be quite a challenge. Whether you are moving to a new facility, decommission equipment or relocating for any other reason, special handling and moving skills are required to safely and properly execute the move.

Laboratory equipment is not only fragile but also requires professional handling when considering aspects such as maintaining proper calibration; hiring a normal moving company to handle the job is just not feasible.

Successfully executing a laboratory relocation job from start to finish requires utmost attention and professionalism. Everything has to be done with accurate precision. Read on below to learn some useful tips on moving laboratory movement.

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Chain Of Custody

Some specific laboratory items are handled in accordance with an established chain of custody. This is usually the case for laboratories handling specimens used in legal proceedings as evidence.

When moving such equipment the movers and the lab manager work together to maintain this chain of custody. Escort vehicles may have to be used in a bid to maintain this chain of custody.

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Document Everything

When it comes to moving laboratory equipment, it becomes important to document everything about the items in question. Equipment specifications including dimensions, weight, environmental requirements and specific connections will need to be recorded before the move. This information can be used to guide each step of the moving exercise.


Accurate lab equipment calibration is vital to maintaining optimum working order. Moving such equipment may require the help of specialised technicians who will handle the removal, packing and recalibration of the same after the move is complete.

It is also worth noting that the manufacturers of such equipment may require special handling of such equipment to maintain applicable warranties. Insurers may also have special guidelines regarding the handling of such equipment to maintain insurance cover.

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Hazardous Supplies

Laboratories can house a variety of hazardous materials. Moving such materials may be regulated under the law. As such, the movers will have to obtain the necessary legal permission to move any affected items.

Furthermore, moving hazardous materials or equipment in a public area may be subject to stringent public safety guidelines. These laws must be complied with to ensure safe transportation.

As you can see from the above, moving laboratory equipment is quite is no easy task. It is therefore important for all involved to work together in preparation, execution and finalization of the move. Therefore, the professional laboratory moving team will help you moving equipment, and they safeguard the integrity of the equipment during the move.