Ecommerce Social Media Marketing Trends to Focus on in 2017


Here’s a not-so-secret fact — as it pertains to e commerce marketing (and even marketing in general), social networking is playing a much more dominant role that ever. Both companies and entrepreneurs are taking full advantage of the medium — and you should be also. However they way we use networking is constantly shifting, and it pays to stay abreast of the newest trends and user behavior. Below are some places in which you should be investing time and price range if you are searching to fine-tune your e commerce networking strategy for 2017.

Personal social messaging

Regardless of the name media is becoming personal, to broadcasting preferring personal communication with groups or individuals with users. It is quite telling that WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger along with QC Chat currently have a wider community than the top social networks — individuals (and Millennials specifically) are trying to connect on a deeper, more intimate level.

And therefore it’s that Chatbots have come to the networking marketing platform. Artificial Intelligence appears set for a game changer at 2017, if only because so many companies are now investing inside. Machines are a whole lot more magical than they used to be, acquiring the ability to answer client queries with an immediacy that is not possible. Fantastic AI has the capability to improve communication with your e commerce customers, but can also raise your conversions by fulfilling your customers’ queries.


  • Clients hate being left on hold or waiting days to get a response with their email— using live conversation, the response is instantaneous. When you have staff available to answer live chat queries or you utilize a live chat bot, then the result is enhanced customer satisfaction and a much more likely chance of conversion
  • With messaging apps being used by more than 4 billion users across the world, we can expect to view ecommerce societal messaging shooting off in a significant way in 2017. Could it help or boost your business’ client service and conversion rate?

Direct societal commerce

With approximately 93 per cent of Millennials spending time on social websites, ecommerce is presently spreading directly onto networking channels that are social. It is likely that this tendency will continue to grow in 2017 as purchasing and surfing becomes more normalised. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest enable users to buy products directly via their apps, together with Snapchat intending to follow suit shortly. Their networking networks are trusted by users, and increasingly they’re currently coming to these networks around the hunt for new content and possible purchases.


  • WeChat social commerce has seen a rise of 31 percent from the amount of consumers who initiated purchases through the WeChat platform: double the amount of their previous year
  • Social commerce may be utilized to make intrigue, while it’s through excellent photography, video or a leading post. What call to actions can you offer to current and new customers who might happen upon your store via networking?

Above: an example of a Facebook Store as used from the ice-cream brand Ben & Jerry’s

Paid societal advertisements

The industry is getting to be aggressive, as media is used by brands increasingly. Achieving the exact results through pure traffic is harder as a consequence of societal algorithms that favor posts from family and friends over brands and companies. Networks, obviously, need you to invest in their own advertisements. More importantly, you will realize that you will need to pay to get your company noticed. Regrettably, as more companies start using paid advertisements, the rates are slowly rising. The trick is going to be to find the balance between character and visibility.

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A paid advert can be as simple as a well-placed image, like the below example from Slack:


Or it could be a fascinating video that draws on your viewers like this case, into the spectacle by Vacation Myrtle Beach:


Whether you would like to boost your posts, reach more individuals, market your page or market your site, Facebook Advertising specifically offers a assortment of alternatives. It is important to nail your societal marketing plan, otherwise you are just throwing money down the drain.

Live video — activity as it occurs

Live video is a terrific method to construct brand awareness and build a community. It type of came to light at 2016, but today it’s taking off in a far bigger way. You’re able to live stream events using live video for so long as 4 hours, so you can share a live occasion that is whole on networking, as it occurs. YouTube, Facebook Live and Periscope Guru are all jumping on the video bandwagon that is live, and you ought to be too. Here’s why:

Videos are, without doubt, one of the most strategies to stand out on social networking. A video jumps out and grabs your attention as individuals scroll through their own feeds. The engagement amounts are clear — videos get results. Live video content is already on the rise, together with 43 percent of entrepreneurs intending to test it at 2017.

Think about where your target audience is currently spending zone in on these areas, and their time on networking. This is where you may make the connections. There’s absolutely absolutely no purpose in case your audience spends their time on Facebook spreading the word on Twitter. Live video has the capability to be utilised in a selection of interesting and creative ways, whether it’s to get a, a product demonstration or some behind-the-scenes tour of your company.

  • Facebook and YouTube have both announced that they will be launching 360-degree video in 2017, revealing that video as a marketing medium is really much here to stay — and it’s growing


Virtual reality gets its mark

Tech companies are already investing in augmented reality and virtual reality, as it onwards and shows signs of becoming the next big factor in 2017. So just how will this influence the networking environment, and e commerce stores?

We can expect to view VR changing the way that people start to interact with each other on social networking, especially as more companies start to produce cans, and they become much more affordable for the mass market. Up until today, cost has certainly been a hurdle for several reasons, but as VR becomes mainstream that the price is likely to come down.

The selling point of VR is that it brings involvement by providing a memorable experience that is immersive. Brands are denying the rewards that have capitalising with this medium. It is going to be expected of e commerce brands to supply their potential customers with this type of demonstrative encounter that is high-quality. How this may play out is yet to be seen, however a Fantastic example of it already being used efficiently can be found at the Tom’s Virtual Giving Campaign, which took its customers on a virtual travel to Peru to view that the job of Giving Partners:

From a marketing perspective, it is going to be quite interesting to determine how these respective trends play out across 2017. Do you intend to attract current and new audiences to your company via networking? Have you attempted any of those methods ? Share your experiences — good or bad — at the comments below.