Another social media marketing Effort went horribly wrong

What started innocently enough as a spoonful of free football tickets on the UEFA Champions League final took a turn for the worse thanks to a couple of online trolls.

Walkers, the bite company that brings the UK its flavored crisps and other treats, started a media campaign that was social Thursday, asking.

The tweets have been turned into a movie of former football player Gary Lineker setting the “selfies” in the front of the background of a scene.

However, trolls quickly realized the selfies were not being closely vetted before becoming on display, so everyone from serial killers to convicted felons to communist dictators made it with all the sportscaster waving the faces that were disturbing.    

The pictures were beamed in Cardiff community centre, based on users on Twitter.

The company put out an apology Thursday and stated they’d shut down the campaign, while the issue was recovered by Lineker himself at a tweet.

That does not mean there were not tweets and screenshots that show how disastrous the media stunt turned into. A few of the videos that made it included images of serial killer Harold Shipman, accused predator Rolf Harris, along with sex offender Jimmy Savile. Joseph Stalin was showcased by another.  

At least the “wave” selfie of former Vice President Joe Biden’s smiling face isn’t as as gruesome as the others.