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A vacation from Social Media for a  year?

HAre you felt forced to leave Social Media all together so that you can pay attention to your writing or other lifestyle goals? I have honestly been considering leaving social media for a long time– I even dreamt I’d it to get one full calendar year. It would be an interesting experiment.

It might seem revolutionary but the previous couple of weeks I’ve minimized Social Media except for YouTube to watch some podcasts and TedTalks. It’s made me happier, and far more successful as a musician and writer. I love being accountable for my self. It has nothing to do with anyone but me and my integrity.


Even when I’d unplug and allows say took an entire year from Social Media –  imagine what could happen?

1. Perhaps no one would notice that I was gone. That’s the probable response.

2. Maybe by the time that I returned in a calendar year, all the book marketing ‘experts’ would have figured out that the all fresh plans  –   or, the advertising strategies will have completely changed!

BUT, the terrific news is that when I spent the entire year unplugged from Social Media, WOW I might get soooo much done and I’d have all quality and new completed works to grow my heap of ‘done projects’!

In a year I’m confident that Social Media would still be here!

Social networking is not going anywhere!

That I made a humorous Bucket List goal of a year ago, to: WRITE A MINIMUM OF ONE BOOK A YEAR – from today until I’m an old woman. You might think that is quite a lofty goal, but I’ve a lot. Since I am 56 years old, and there is a relatively long life on both sides of my family tree, so I could realistically live till 80 or 90 sooooo that’s maybe 25-30 more novels? lol. OK. I’ll settle for 20. I already have finished four novels and I have moved on to number five and six — therefore I am right on path.

Additionally, I made a pact with my older woman self (the one who is spurring me daily with the chant: DO IT DO IT for ME! I want to see one book per year from you little whippersnapper!!) To try and fulfill this Bucket List challenge regardless of what.

In purchase for me to actually concentrate on the job though, some days I’m forced to close down totally   –  from it all   –    -Facebook, Twitter, also email and arbitrary googling – to actually go and concentrate. I love reducing distractions. Honestly, the majority of my email is useless anyhow.

Locking myself into a darkened or darkened room alone with my own cats and java (Heh!)) Means I can really focus all of my brain power in my two current book projects (two memoirs I am writing concurrently and rehearsing songs for some brand new audio project ideas).

Long before there was an internet, writers still composed and writers got lots of writing done. The lifetime expectancy was shorter back then, so maybe they believed an urgency to receive their shit DONE. I don’t understand. Perhaps they didn’t waste huge chunks of time back on unnecessary distractions, and thank GOD they had no Facebook. lol. They just wrote and composed a LOT. These are the writers that inspire me.

‘Function to the WHAT and the HOW will look after  itself’.

The WHAT for me means the creative works and the HOW would be the promotion.

My aim this year is to receive my job done and not necessarily take care of social networking advertising, twittering, tweeetering(?) , constructing a platform, having to find out a book giveaway or promotions, creating email lists, advertising strategies, joining writing classes, or perhaps needing to compose a medium post, even though I’m doing this for myself also.

How the hell can we actually concentrate our power (which we don’t have an unlimited supply of it!) When we are being pulled, tugged and yanked here and there by all the varying, loudly hurtful remarks about marketingggg, joining classes etc. etc..

For today anyway – my attention is on getting more creative works DONE. Throwing them to my heap of ‘finished’ works. For me, that is what brings me the most satisfaction in my own life.

In case I chose a full year from social networking, when I came back I’d also be clearer on the way and also to whom to promote my books into, and this is a key stage, my novels are now taking shape like I write them, meaning, it is via the writing of them that I am getting more ‘ahas’, takeaways and topics. I am also getting more powerful on WHO my target audience is going to be, finally. I don’t understand this however. I believe I am finding all of these critical parts of information out DURING the writing process, not before.


For me, it’s a bit like putting the cart ahead of the horse. The horse would be the job. The cart will be the marketing.

I don’t need to do that which so many writers appear to do  –  concentrate on the wrong things in the wrong order! It might work for many others that way but I feel the precise opposite.

For me, as a writer, my aim has always been and still is, to increase as a writer and also to make a huge body of work and to ‘build a portfolio’. I am within this writing thing for the long haul. It is not a short-term fancy for me.

My main goal right now is my ‘in the works’ memoir. Some state memoirs may take around 12 years to compose. I’m pretty sure mine won’t take that long. I’m hoping over two to three decades. ha-ha. This memoir, my true life survival narrative, I believe is my true ‘calling’ as a author. This is why I started writing a couple of decades back. The four novels I have previously published were a bit of a writing diversion once I got stumped along with my memoir writing last year, but I turned into a better, more brave author in the procedure. I knew I needed courage to face my ultimate memoir!

So when I decided to actually do it   –   to take a full year from Social Media –  when I returned I’d have my finished projects and THEN maybe, I’d be prepared and eager to devote my brainpower, time, energy, effort and money investigating the plethora of choices regarding Social Media marketing   – or maybe I’ll just hire someone at that time who is good at and who likes doing it! (Hey, THAT’S a thought!)

BUT FIRST before any of that happens I need to have the job DONE. To have work done that I am proud of is essential.

I talked with a memoir writing coach/editor on the telephone at length who reminded me ‘that you can always hire someone in the future to do your book marketing, but for now if you are grooving on the writing part by all means…do THAT!”

Yes. I concur and I think that when my job is done and it is quality work, hopefully, it will come across a home and the perfect people will resonate with it.

Therefore, I am honkering down currently wearing my brand new big fuzzy white and red Santa robe (OMG that I loove this robe!) , drinking coffee and diving straight into my focused writing life.

Should I choose to stay away from all social media or not I do not understand but I do understand Social Media is going to be around when and when I get back!

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