5 Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategies That You Ought to Implement In 2017 — Purely Social Media

There was a time when societal media was regarded as a passing fad by many. It was being used by children and companies did not see any real benefits from it.

On the other hand, the skeptics proven to be incorrect with the passage of time.

We don’t need to tell how big social media is.

The business has grown quickly than the net itself.

Since opening their doors on September 26, 2006, Facebook crossed 1.94 billion per cent active users at March 2017.

At this time, there are 3 billion net users and about two billion of them are active on social media.

Approximately   seven out of ten people in america utilize social media to associate with one another, share data, engage and to entertain themselves.

You may check out a recent compilation of the latest social networking stats of customer adoption and usage by Smart Insights.

Needless to say, if you’re not using social media to market your enterprise, you’ll have to understand it or face the danger of losing it in the long run.

Still not convinced?

Here are some matters social media can do for Your Company:

  • Tell prospects about your services and products
  • Promote Your Company and brand
  • Attract new clients
  • Get customer feedback
  • Foster relationships with your customer base

Now without further highlighting the importance of social media, let’s see how you can leverage this business to grow your company this 2017 directly from scratch.

5 Social Media Marketing Strategies That You Should Follow Today

  1. Establish Your Goals And Objectives

The first step of any successful interpersonal media marketing strategy entails establishing your goals and objectives. Moving forward without really knowing what you want can be the perfect recipe for catastrophe.

Closely peruse your company’s overall demands and find out how you are able to use social media to your benefit.

You may come up with many personalized goalsnevertheless, there are a number of common elements which you will need to put in your strategy.

These include raising brand awareness, finding prospects, retaining old clients and trimming marketing expenses.

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It is best to concentrate on two main targets and two secondary targets. Refrain from having a lot of goals as it might distract you from achieving none.

In addition to targets, you want to have special parameters in your mind that specify your goals. As an example, if your primary objective is to generate leads and sales, you want to figure out the number of leads and revenue you need before the target becomes a success.

An easy method to determine your aims is to adopt the S-M-A-R-T strategy. Your objectives have to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

In the example above, if your objective is to generate leads and sales, have a particular marketing objective. You might choose to boost your leads by 50%.

Remember to choose objectives which you’re able to attain.

  1. Create A New And Remain Consistent Around Every Social Channel You Work With

What’s your sense when you locate different descriptions of the same company on different social networks?

You would definitely get confused and reluctant to become involved with such a business.

Humans enjoy consistency, and if your social media profiles remain consistent throughout different stations, you will build positive connections with your visitors. They will know what to expect irrespective of the social media.

It’s been noticed that 60% of net users in the US expect consistency when coping with online stores.

It is best to utilize the exact professional picture in your social networks and even in your blogs.

But that is not all because your profile picture is just the start. Consistency must come together with your brand’s color, imagery, voice and general outlook. Attempt to state your own brand’s value and remain consistent and genuine on your communication across all your social networks.

Here are a few elements that you will need to ponder on when deciding on your brand’s voice.


When you nail these facets, all of your discussions on social stations will flow easily.

The effect………

Your viewers won’t only associate with you but wait for your upgrades.

Personal, casual, witty and humorous conversational language work well on social channels too.

Mark Manson, for example, provides a raw, private and humorous tone to social media as shown below.

You will like to see Buffer’s tone and voice manual, they religiously stick to in each of their communications.

  1. Automate Just Like A Ninja

Find engaging third-party content pieces and share them in your own social stations. Allow the engagements arrive in. Next, drop your promotional product upgrades.

Automating repetitive tasks can free a lot of time, which may be utilized to work on additional high-level advertising and marketing strategies.

But simply pushing content out won’t provide you 100% benefits of your social media marketing efforts.

Imagine yourself meeting a person for the first time. What would be your reaction if the person only occupies a sales pitch on your face? And what about someone who continuously blabbers about the excellent things he could do?

You’ll instantly have a poor impression about that person and possibly prevent him next moment.

The same thing happens on social media. It’s possible to share your upgrades and blog posts, but always ask for feedbacks and invite individuals to talk more on your own posts.

And yes, don’t neglect to entertain them.

It’s also a great idea to share images from your everyday life or exclusive events.

If you’re a company, you could share pictures of your workers.

Whenever you can, open and show your actual negative to your own audience.

  1. Create A Content Calendar And Post Frequently

After creating your Facebook webpage, you invite a couple of friends along with other followers from various social media sites to enjoy your own page.

Then, you disappear for a month. This can be a standard task for new companies on social media. But if you want to get fantastic results from your social media marketing strategy and develop a lasting relationship with your audience, then you have to post on a regular basis.

Construct a articles calendar and enhance posting engaging and intriguing content.

HubSpot’s Social Media Content Calendar Template can help you plan your content.

Here is a easy schedule it is possible to follow in your primary days.

  • LinkdedIn: Once a week
  • Instagram: Once per day
  • Twitter: Three times a day
  • Facebook: A handful of upgrades per day but don’t overdo.

The timely post made by Oreo, during the Super Bowl, earned them millions of followers assisted in developing a robust brand.

An interesting thing to note is that they had intended for this specific tweet 18 months before.

  1. Explore Your Competition

Assessing your competitors not just apprises one of the activity but also can help you to integrate their tactics into your very own social media marketing efforts.

Make a list of at least five competitors. Find out the social sites they use and examine their content strategy. Consider their posting frequency and the number of fans and followers. Additionally, inspect the sort of articles they post and its context (humorous, promotional etc) and the way they respond to their readers.

This will provide you a very clear idea how you stack up against each other. It’ll also help you revise your goals, objectives and marketing strategies.

There’s No Such Thing As a Totally Free Lunch

According to Amy Vernon, co-founder of Predictable.ly, any effort on interpersonal media marketing takes time and that is where the budget problem creeps in. She states that in case you lack cash but have enough time, you need to do the work yourself. But if there are time limitations, hire someone to get the work done, she further adds. The premise that creating a social media account is absolutely free and does not cost you a dime is a myth.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing is a way to build your brand new. People today socialize every day online and are eager to discover new brands. You just have to devote a lot of sweat and remain consistent. On the other hand, the benefits you reap is worth your time.

Which are your experiences of developing a brand utilizing social media marketing?