5 Invaluable Social Media Marketing and Advertising Tips for Niche Industries

Establishing a strong networking presence can be a challenge for businesses in niche industries. When you’re just starting, you may have no clue how to start acquiring followers. What do they want to see from you? Will the customers you have even care if you’re on Facebook? What type of pictures could you maybe post on Instagram? We have heard all these questions, and much more, from our market customers (most of whom have been B2B), and it’s true — it takes a lot more thought to produce a solid Facebook pole for, say, a B2B software sales firm than it will a B2C fashion seller. But that is not to say it can not be done. In fact, niche industries can flourish on social networking, simply like mainstream ones. All it takes is a tiny strategy. To help you here are five invaluable networking marketing strategies for market industries. Give your new face One difficulty market businesses have is that they don’t come across as private. Think of Microsoft or even Apple with no Steve Jobs or Bill Gates even though these are hardly niche businesses. Those high-profile folks served as the… read more

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