4 Ways with Social Media to Master Valentine’s Day Advertising

Ahead of the existence of social networking, there were not numerous occasions. So many “Days,” and things to celebrate. To put it clearly, there was once a time in which occasions were simply that…Occasional.

The rapid and massive rise of the social networking universe changed all of that, yet – the universe that currently has about 2.5 billion users overall.

Not before did we ever see people celebrating times like, “National Pizza Day” or “National Coffee Day.” Atleast not in business’ irrelevant to pizza and coffee.

Holidays go well beyond that now, as well. We celebrate the things behind the things… “National Book-Lovers Day,” for instance, is a celebration of the reader behind the book, behind the publication, behind the writer, behind the author, and so on.

Consider the number of literary, book-related holidays there are inside the calendar year. Along with “National Book-Lovers Day,” there’s also, “Read a Book Day,” “Writer’s Day,” “National Read Across America Day,” “Children’s Book Day,” “Paperback Book Day,” and more particular days such as, “Tolkien Reading Day,” “Winnie the Pooh Day,” and so on.

By now, you probably get the point. There are only  a ton   of holidays to remember – a large number coming with any one-subject.

For social networking advertisers, our newly loaded calendars only bleed of endless prospect. More times and more occasions only means more means for them to connect with their audience.