3 Social Media Marketing Lessons For Every Marketer

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When an ad or marketing campaign is released, it usually means it’s been looked over with a handful of those people at the ad agency and by the manufacturer’s or firm’s internal marketing team. Any social media campaign cannot escape the evaluation of a significant team. Under such a situation, there are still cases of epic cringe-worthy gaffes. Social media is dynamic in nature and if something else goes wrong, it hastens pretty quickly.

In this post, we’ll be talking about the lessons which each marketer must understand; otherwise in the quest to produce a campaign viral, so you might go horribly wrong and make some of this epic social media marketing fails.

Measure 1: Avoid making social networking effort completely about a tagline or some phrase!

KFC, among the most popular fast food restaurant chains, recently conducted a campaign on Twitter #IAteTheBones. The initial strategy was to present KFC as the newest leader in the domain of “boneless chicken”. However, it did not go as intended. The manner hashtag #IAteTheBones obtained viral wasn’t the manner as intended by the new. The hashtag was used with dead bodies, sexual innuendos, and even cannibalism.


One can never understand how the Twitter consumers (or make it any other social media station) would perceive a presented thought. One has to be extra careful of the words or phrases which might have multiple meanings. A effort should be specific and linear.

Lesson 2: Maintain things under your control!

You cannot expect the range of viral advertising; neither will you understand what will happen. When you’re under uncertainty and do not understand exactly how things would become, it’s much better to keep things in your control when conducting a social media effort. And even in case you would like to give consumer-generated articles a attempt to let your consumers talk for you or your team, you need to make sure you’re definitely adored by the masses.

McDonalds, yet another big name in the fast food world, conducted a social media campaigns #McDStories, encouraging individuals to discuss their McDonalds experiences and stories. Well, not as anticipated, but the effort went completely wrong, when folks started sharing their bad experiences about client service, quality of meals, and even disturbing stories of animal abuse.

McDonalds heard a lesson by conducting such effort and providing control to the masses, it actually spent money for allowing people damage its own reputation.

Measure 3: Social Media is 24 X 7, so must your activeness!

If your brand has a societal media presence, it cannot possess working hours attached to it. It’s no point otherwise.

Within a time period, social media has evolved as a much better way to serve clients and accept complaints or remarks. Clients would rather escape the 48 hours rule of getting answer for their complaints; instead they go to societal media to communicate and get instant reverts.

British Airways couldn’t stick with this rule. Take a look at exactly what happened.

Well there is a gap of 8 hours between the first tweet and the second tweet, and during these 8 hours a few 76000 people had already seen it.

It’s vital to be completely active on the societal media profiles — round the clock. Also, it’s very common to get complaints posted in your social networking profiles. In such a situation, brands must ensure they respond to all those complaints as swiftly as you can, and satisfactorily resolve them.

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