3 Effective Ways To Start “Prospecting In Network Marketing” On Social Networking

3 Powerful Ways To Start “Prospecting In Network Marketing” About Social Media

Today I needed to share 3 Powerful Ways To Start “Prospecting In Network Marketing” About Social Media. I talk to a lot of people on this topic. I teach a lot on this issue.

One of the main things which most people today struggle with in their thoughts is the simple fact that they feel as they’re becoming this icky salesperson whenever they’re having discussions with people.

3 Powerful Ways To Start “Prospecting In Network Marketing” About Social Media

The truth of the matter is, if you have a product or a service which you really, really, really believe in, which you really think it can help somebody in whatever facet of their life it could aid them in, if you really, really believe in the product or the agency…

…then sharing it with all folks should not be a problem.

Here’s where folks neglect. You see, most people today fail because when they’re out sourcing in Network Marketing, they’re instantly thinking of, “How can I make a sale at this time?”

Yes, most of us want to make sales, but you can’t go into a conversation with the mindset of, “I’m attempting to make some cash from this person.”

Let’s not forget that you are handling people. These are those who have feelings. They have issues. They have problems. They have things they’re struggling with as well.

You have to bear in mind that not everybody is a great fit for exactly what it is you have to offer. Not everybody is a great fit for your product or your service or maybe your company opportunity.

When you’re having discussions with people, just make sure you’re likely in that conversation with the intention to help because once you move in there with all the intention to help versus the purpose to make a sale, after that the conversation will flow smoother.

It is going to flow in a sense where it rewards both you because that man is not going to feel as they’re attempting to be sold on something and you’re not going to feel like that icky salesperson which feels as though they’re attempting to sell a thing.

I wished to give you 3 Powerful Ways To begin Prospecting In Network Marketing About Social Media, which you know that is one of the things which I love to perform. I love social websites. I don’t do anything offline.

Thus, let’s get right into it:

When you’re having discussions with people, just make certain you’re going in that conversation…

3 Powerful Ways To Start “Prospecting In Network Marketing” About Social Media

1 — Curiosity Posts: You’ve probably heard me talk about this a million times. You’ve probably seen me take action. I’m not going to mention probably. You’ve seen me do it a million times in my Facebook wall, in my fan page.

When you create curiosity, what you’re doing is you’re giving an opportunity for a person to raise their hand and say, “Yes, please prospect. Please send me an message. Please demonstrate what it really is you have to offer.”

What do I mean by generating curiosity articles?

What I really mean is when you find something … Let’s say you are in the health and wellness market. I always use this market as an example, but let’s say you are in the wellness and health market. You have shake. You wished to get folks to raise their hand and say, “Yes, I need more information about that shake”…

…rather than blasting photos of your goods so folks can blatantly see exactly what you’re actually boosting or attempting to sell, right?

After you do that, you seem as a salesperson. You seem icky, like an icky salesperson is exactly what I love to call it. You do not need to come away as an icky salesperson.

What you would like to do is you want to come off as someone who is sharing the info in a means that offers value and interest.

By way of instance, let’s say I had been promoting a shake. Instead of hammering my shake out there, I would probably have a picture drinking my own shake. Perhaps not with the emblem on the cup or anything like that, but drinking the true shake and then sharing a story about that shake.

Possibly something it is helping me with. Perhaps it helped me lose 10 lbs within 30 days. Whatever the case may be, I’m going to discuss that story.
At the end I’m going to put something which says, “In case you want to understand what’s in this shake, type ‘yes’ below.” That’s just an example.

Sky is the limit on the creativity which it is possible to bring to curiosity posts.

If folks on that thread are raising their hand and saying, “Yes, show me what is in that shake,” then that’s your opportunity to go and begin a conversation with that person because they raised their hand and said, “Yes! I want to understand what’s in that shake.”

That’s your opportunity to really go and have a conversation together.

2 — Videos with call to actions: I see a whole lot of folks posting movies. Videos are great. I love movies. You see I really do videos all of the time. Videos are a major portion of my organization, but I see a great deal of folks doing movies or attempting to perform videos and they’re just referring to nonsense.

They are not sharing any value. There is really no real motivation to inspire the audience. There really is not any.

You have to start creating videos which offer value. Perhaps you’re teaching a person how to do something. You can accomplish it in pretty much any market. I don’t care about what it is that you’re attempting to sell to the back end.

You can on the front supply value around that subject that you’re attempting to … That’s congruent with that merchandise which you’re attempting to sell to the back end, whether it be a shake, or a travel company, a blogging strategy, a cosmetics whatever. It does not matter. Lead with value.

When you contribute with value, then people will notice you as the power and they are going to need to associate with you because you’re providing value for them.

You’re giving that advice that is actually teaching them something. Kind of what I’m doing at this time, alright? I’m instructing you something. I’m not sitting here saying, “Hey, join my company. Combine my merchandise. Buy my merchandise.”
Whatever the case may be. I’m not doing some of the stuff.

I’m sitting here, talking to you guys, with a dialog or instructing you about advertising in networking marketing. This is a form of adding value, ok?
These will be the sorts of videos which you have to understand how to perform.

At the end of the video, always, always, always provide a call to action. The call for action can be a number of things. It can be, “Click on the link to enroll for the upcoming webinar.”

It can be, “Inbox me and I will send you my free PDF download on the best way to do XYZ.” You get my drift, right?

It can be quite a few things. It does not have to be one specific item. It might be a number of things. It may even be such as the interest posts.

Post ‘yes’ down below if you want to learn how to do XYZ. Get creative.

You’re an entrepreneur. Start putting your thinking cap and thinking like an entrepreneur. How can you get people curious, raising their hand and saying, “Yes, I need that advice,” or in any case may be?

3 — Friend Requests: Friend requests, you most likely have people sending one buddy asks all of the time and you’re probably either deleting their buddy asks or you’re simply accepting them and not opening that conversation with your new buddy.

That right there what you’re doing that is you’re losing out money, alright?

One of the things which I prefer to do is whenever someone sends me a friend request, the first thing which I do is I go look at their wall to determine if I’d like to be their buddy, anyhow. If I’d like to be their buddy in the first place.

If I find they haven’t posted in a very long time in their wall, if I find they’re posting negative garbage stuff, stuff I’m really thinking about, I will go on and delete the request.

If it’s someone who is active on social media, if it is a person who is posting precious information, if they are posting inspirational images, inspirational … Inspirational quotations or something like that, then I will definitely reach out to that person.

Before I accept their buddy request, I’m always going to begin that conversation.

“Hey so therefore, Thank you for sending me a friend request. What motivated you to need to associate with me”

That’s a good opening, a means to open the doorway to successful communication. Starting that conversation.

During that when you know how to do it and you also understand how to do it the perfect way, you can begin prospecting that person and earning more income in your company.

If you enjoyed this practice then you’re going to love my free download where I’m going to teach you the way to do chilly marketplace prospecting on interpersonal media. I think you’re going to adore it:

I really hope you enjoyed these 3 Powerful Ways To Begin Prospecting In Network Marketing About Social Media.

If you liked it, please discuss it, just like it, tag your group members down below, whatever it is you would like to do. I love that.

Thanks for seeing and I will see you around the next video.

Lisa Torres
Online Network Marketing Coach
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