The Way the Snap Map of Snapchat Can Boost Your Social Media Marketing

If you failed to follow the latest news concerning social networking apps, here’s something you may have missed: Snapchat introduced a new feature known as the “Snap Map”. What this interesting feature does is that it lets you locate your friends once you discuss locations .

Snapchat users are ecstatic despite the issue from certain quarters regarding the privacy and safety aspect of stuff, about the feature.

However, there’s another group that’s even more enthusiastic about the characteristic — marketers. On monitoring, marketers thrive in the end. Thus, if you are marketer searching for a monitoring tool that is trusted, Snap Map is your response for the time being.

Here are a few ideas on how you can leverage it towards boosting your media marketing.

This may seem stupid, but, yeah, to making the most of Snap Map, the very first step starts with you empowering the feature. As soon as you do so, upgrade your followers. Since you need your followers to link your brand with an actual physical 18, you should do this.

It makes a understanding of your brand and provides credibility.

Ask your influencers to enable it

By having your influencers discuss their place, their existence can be publicized by you at parties and company events. This is an excellent way to receive followers participated with your brand.

Request your influencers to get the feature switched on throughout the whole length of the event.

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Snap Map will not offer geolocation analytics even though it can not compete with the analytics API of Twitter. It’s good for collecting insights regarding the demographics and actions of consumers from the snaps, locations that snappers regular, and just how visible your opponents are.

Identify offline marketing locations

Snap Map includes warmth map feature that tells you that locations are “hot” in terms of Snapchat activity. This will give you a notion about what locations your Snapchat audience is likely to hang out at or see. Needless to say, you will need to devote some time on researching and narrowing the specific locations down.

As soon as you do, you are able to identify locations that are ideal for your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Get your employees involved

You can get your employees in asking them to publicize your brand involved. As an example, you can inquire to “Breeze Map” their locations when company events, parties, product launches, and other events take place.

All they literally need to do is discuss the occasion via “Our Story” on Snapchat.

If you have policies against sharing company events, you can train your employees to discuss in Ghost Mode or educate them on how best to use “Our Story” at a more tactful way.

On the whole, it’d be better to state that Snap Map, despite what the naysayers could say, is a tool. It’s a excellent way to put a face and reach out to audiences.